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This book is not so much a reading experience as a true dialogue with the author. A searching and exploratory conversation between two souls. I believe this book will help you find your inner voice, to find your place in this world.
This book has left a very deep impression upon me. I feel it is speaking directly to me! It’s made me start to write, to communicate with myself, to think about the world, to live a better life.
As I read this book, I found my world enlarging. The book tore down the walls which confined my mind. Joy answers many important questions that we rarely discuss. This book brought me new self-confidence and new dreams. It has brought me much enlightenment and encouragement.
I just happened to find this book. But in these times when I feel lost and confused, this book has become my guiding lighthouse. In my sleepless nights, this book has brought me inner peace and calm. A good book is a forever friend and lover. If you have any confusion in your life, this book will prompt you and guide you to discover true happiness.
After getting off work, I started to read your book, and read until 2:00am. At that point, given I had work the next day, I went to bed. But all night I dreamed about your words. I got up before 6:00am to continue reading. For the first time in this world, I’ve found someone who understands me completely. Who started out in life so like me, and then became so successful. I feel like a drowning man who’s finally found a lifeboat. I just need to catch my breath, and then I’ll move forward. For the first time since I took the college exams eight years ago, I’ve learned new insights which will sustain me forever.
Everyone will find something in this book. While reading it, what I discovered are my own dreams and passions. A 30-something woman will find advice for developing her career and life. A 40-something woman will find serenity and wisdom. The book is like the famed Mona Lisa painting. From whatever your perspective, you will find resonance.
I’m a man. Women are like wines. You need to understand them to appreciate them. You feel immediately intoxicated by a gorgeous young woman, while a mature career woman is like a sophisticated red wine. If you are a guy wanting to date someone out of your league, come read this book! An old Chinese saying goes: Know yourself, know your enemy, and victory will be yours!
This book has given me the best reading experience I have ever had in my life.
I happened to come across Joy, but I’ve found that her ideas and opinions suddenly enlightened me. I regard her as a key person who will change women’s minds. I am grateful that there is a Joy in the world.
Joy’s words are filled with passion and power, just like the red color on her book cover. Her message is simple but very very powerful. Sometimes, especially when we feel lost, we need someone like her to come out with a powerful message. We need this message drummed into our ears so that we can develop the gusto to focus on ourselves instead of letting others drown out our inner voices.
This book is entirely different from any other I’ve ever seen. Joy doesn’t believe a woman’s happiness is dependent on men, on marriage or on traditional values. Her perspective is simple: you’ll create a better life for yourself if you become a free, independent and complete woman. At that point, why would it matter if you are married or single?
Every single word of Joy’s book spoke to my heart. Every single phrase spoke to my deep yearning for personal growth and success. I am sure it will do the same for every woman with dreams. This book says: yes we can make a difference in this world dominated by men.
Joy’s book inspires us to hone our own selves, to become strong and independent. She encourages me to be true to myself. A strong and independent woman may intimidate some, but when I get there, those who know me well will be able to see the true me. And they will like me for who I really am.
So much of life is beyond our control. What we can do is to fill our life’s journey with beauty of our own making. I want thank Joy for her gentle yet powerful words.